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Oil on canvas 2011

Tanguillo is one of an ongoing series of paintings I have produced over several years which take their titles from the various forms and rhythms of flamenco. This particular painting was made after a visit to Malaga in Southern Spain. It was exhibited at the Willow Gallery, Oswestry in 2012. The notion of windows as a device for looking out of as well as in to a painting are also a sub theme to this and many other pieces that I produce.

What Was When

Oil on canvas 2016

What Was When is a painting about the post industrial landscape. In many areas nature has started to reclaim the once scarred land. The spoil heaps and abandoned workings are the only traces that remain of heavy industry . Hard edges are becoming obscured and softened under a new mantle of greenery. This is one of a number of paintings that I've produced on a similar theme, they don't necessarily relate to a specific place but are rather an amalgam of several different sources.

Still life with pomegranates

Oil on canvas 2017

This is one of several still life paintings of various dimensions that I have been working on recently. I think that making art presents us with numerous challenges. Often the link between an idea and creating can be instantaneous, the work almost seems to make itself. There are times however, when the opposite is true and one has to wrestle the image out of the canvas. This painting went through several reworkings before it arrived at this stage.


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