The Smart Arsed Whizkid - a brief aside about money and the lack thereof.

January 29, 2018

Like most students I was usually short of cash and couldn't wait for a) the end of term and a trip home to eat proper food, b) the start of term to get my grant (those were the days) c) a birthday. As previously mentioned, at times of severe financial distress I would resort to selling a book or two but on a number of occasions I sold coursework. I exchanged a painting for two haircuts (Paul the barber in Salisbury Rd) another painting paid a week's rent at The Chateau.


Common indicators that funds were running low were the length of time you could make a pint of beer last, painting over previous work, smoking cheaper and cheaper cigs (remember Sovereign!) making a liver stew that had to last three days, and of course laundry. Oh how well turned out I would be at the start of a year, then by the year's end and no money for the launderette I would resort to a packet of Daz and a half full bath of lukewarm water into which everything irrespective of fabric type or colour were chucked and pummelled then rinsed. This was of course a last resort but got me through the last couple of weeks of term on more than one occasion. 


I finally gave up on the bath laundry idea after walking home from college in a shower of rain. My jeans began to form little foam beards where they were rubbing against my knees as I walked. 


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