When the Art began to take over - From Smart Arsed Whizkid to Arty Farty Lefty. Part 3

January 3, 2018

After dropping out of A levels and being torn between the need for cash and following my artistic ambitions I went off in search of honest toil. This was the late 1970's and although there were jobs around, there were few that offered anything to satiate my need for art, music and literature; so another round of failed interviews for positions with few prospects of advancement loomed large.


Encouraged I was accepted on to the foundation course at the local Art College. It was at this stage that I really began to learn about art, I have often tried to describe to students the feeling of exhilaration when I began 'really' drawing for the first time. The magic of the link between eye and pencil tip that made all my previous 'good' drawings look shallow and childish. I drew and drew with a passion that has not been surpassed in the years since, such a shame then that a few years later when I went to collect my portfolio from the art school, someone had taken my life drawings out and substituted them with a load of rubbish that went straight in the bin.












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