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Art, Music and Writing - From Smart Arsed Whizkid to Arty Farty Lefty Part 2

Last week ' Salvator Del Mundi' a painting which may or may not be by Leonardo da Vinci sold at auction for $400 million in the USA. For that sort of cash I'd expect Leonardo to be reincarnated and pop over for a cup of tea and recount a few witty anecdotes about the Renaissance while he did my portrait. I may be getting a bit cynical in middle age but methinks that it all smacks of someone with plenty of money for 'look how rich I am' trophies but no real love of art. And the beat goes on: At sixteen I left school with no idea of what I wanted to do except become a rock god or an artist or a combination of the two. I was an apprentice electrician until the firm went bust and I then worked b

Art, Music and Writing - From Smart Arsed Whizkid to Arty Farty Lefty Part 1

First encounters: Aged eight in the mid 1960's I drew a cartoon which was published in The Beezer comic. My prize was a four string Beatles guitar decorated with images of the 'fab four' in all their glory. Thus began a lifelong preoccupation with guitars, the written word and more importantly Art. I was no budding Picasso, my early offerings, like my guitar playing, were discordant and jarring on the senses, yet were, as I remember it, encouraged by my parents. A couple of years later I was able to upgrade my four string guitar for a six string semi acoustic for the cost of ten Woodbines cigarettes from a cousin who had just come out of the navy. At about the same time I had a visit to Birm



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